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One Revolutionary Solar Tracker - Many Design Innovations

Tracking the sun is only one aspect of the Ontrack DXT1. Our entire structure is revolutionary. The DXT1 is engineered to maximize resources, energy and opportunity. From the Universal Mounting System where the support assembly is made up of our innovative integrated beams to our tracker controls, the DXT1’s simple design reduces installation labor and increases structural strength.

Featured Product

Ontrack began with one idea: Create a lighter, better engineered solar tracker that is easier to install.

Integrated Beam Design

Integrated Beams slide (adjust easily) into place and securely mount to the support assembly, thus creating the Panel Mounting System. Panels slide in fast and securely clamp along the full length of the beam, thus eliminating the need for traditional racking. 

Rapid Assembly

Features like the Universal Mounting System and full-length FastClamp Bar have been thoughtfully designed to save time and money while retaining structural integrity.

Dual-Axis Tracking Controls

Compared to standard fixed-mounted systems, the DXT1 lets you harvest up to 45% more solar power. You’ll be able to track the sun with powerful and accurate Azimuth and Elevation drives.

Remote Access App (Optional)

Our system gives you real-time, continuous communication so you can easily maintain constant control of every aspect of the DXT1.

Balanced Center of Mass

Our split panel design creates a Zero Center-of-Mass, balancing the elevation load and eliminating overhung weight, and reduces the wind load. 

Structural Survivability

In an independent engineering firm analysis of our tracker structure it was determined that the DXT1 would survive a 105 mph wind with the panels nearly vertical (10 degrees). 

Our Mission...

The Ontrack solar mission is to help as many people and businesses as possible take advantage of clean power to save money, reduce pollution and preserve our planet for future generations--and do it with excellence. 

OneTracker. Many User Groups.

Designers & Engineers

Engineers appreciate when every aspect of a system is optimized and thought through to the smallest detail. They like the precision. They like the durability. They like advanced technology. And they like having more control. That’s why they like the DXT1.
  • Structural strength and durability
  • Lightweight
  • Balanced center of mass eliminating overhung weight
  • Minimal O&M costs
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Laser-cut precision formed components
  • Increased panel security and simplified installation (optional security screws available)
  • Advanced, aerospace technology
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Multi-Use / Farmers

Are you looking to maximize the potential of your real estate investment? If you can have that property meet two needs or produce revenue in multiple ways, wouldn’t that be worthwhile? 

Whether you have a pasture, crop fields, parking lots or a commercial building, adding solar trackers to your project can be a great way to multiply resources while making an important statement about our planet.
  • Efficient use of land
  • Co-exists with livestock
  • Fast installation
  • Innovation design features
  • Makes a green statement
  • Adds power

Installers & Dealers

We’re so confident in our products (present and future), it’s only a matter of time until Ontrack is part of every dealer/installer product line. Our trackers are designed to make installation quick and easy. That saves everyone money. There’s no welding required. The technology and construction are unmatched.  

We spent many years developing the design of our tracker, with the installer in mind. 
  • Fast & easy installation in the field
  • Lightweight, yet high strength*
  • Flexible design & minimal parts
  • Minimal tools required
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Made in America, creating American jobs


Design simplicity, technological elegance and something easy to work with – that’s what attracts architects to the DXT1. In addition, when they can present their clients with a more efficient product that provides long-term savings and contributes to their structure’s overall good looks, it’s a solar win-win.  With aerospace  characteristics, it’s an eye-catching green statement like no other. 
  • Clean, simple, and functional design
  • Streamlines and flexible design elements
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Balanced center of mass eliminating overhung weight
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Smart use of natural resources
  • Provides long-term savings
  • Less exposed wiring
  • Structural strength and integrity
  • Creating American jobs for the future

Green Corporations

From the board room to the boiler room, CEOs, COOs and CFOs represent a lot of interests. So when a company can help them make everyone happy, that’s their easiest executive decision of the day. 
Ontrack will help executives exceed all green goals and save money while being a responsible corporate citizen. 

And since our products are designed to last, designed to require less maintenance and designed and built right here in America. The entire company will appreciate the results and the statement it makes.
  • Corporate statement of environmental responsibility and concern
  • Helps you exceed all green goals
  • Smart use of natural resources
  • Made in America
  • Energy savings & ROI
  • Long-term savings
  • Less maintenance
  • Designed to last

Up to 45% more power

Compared to standard fixed-mounted systems, the DXT1 lets you harvest up to 45% more solar power. You’ll be able to track the sun at adjustable intervals from two seconds to ten minutes, all with a tracking accuracy of up to 0.1 degrees.  Although this efficiency is impressive – and the potential savings are obvious – it’s nothing compared to the engineering that makes it all happen.

Our Philosophy

The sun creates a reliable, clean and useable source of energy every day.

We all care about the planet, the air we breathe and the future of our grandchildren. That’s why it’s so easy to understand the very exciting benefits and possibilities of solar energy. And that’s why we, at Ontrack Solar, have been working so hard to bring renewable energy to more people by making it more efficient, more practical and easier to install.

We thank you for caring – and for considering Ontrack as a smart alternative for your solar energy needs. We won’t let you down. 

If you would like to discuss your project and the potential energy savings and maximizing of resources, please contact us.

Our Mission

The Ontrack Solar mission is to help as many people and businesses as possible take advantage of clean power to save money, reduce pollution and preserve our planet for future generations--and do it with excellence. 

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