Calculating Return on Investment

One of the most compelling aspects of solar arrays, and dual-axis trackers in particular, is their ability to maximize your solar investment by increasing your energy yield.

A solar PV installation that generates the most energy from the space and resources available is usually the most equitable solution.  The DXT1 harvests maximum clean energy in a smart and cost-efficient way while better utilizing your land.

The Ontrack DXT1 Dual-Axis Tracker offers up to 45% more power yield than that of standard fixed-mounted PV systems.  This is accomplished by optimally positioning the solar array to accurately follow (track) the sun on two axes, vertical and horizontal. This makes each PV panel in the array generate more output, unlike fixed-mounted PV systems.  

The Integrated Beams create the panel mounting system. This also reduces the project upfront costs because no additional racking hardware is required.  The project payback time also decreases and thereby increases the overall return on investment (ROI).

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At Ontrack, we believe in making more than a profit. We believe in making a positive impact on our planet.   Return on investment includes revenue in dollars, goodwill, and impact on our planet and future generations.  Maximizing the use of solar energy will help guarantee that our children and their children will have renewable energy resources.