TCX2 Controls

The Ontrack TCX2 Tracker Controller is a cost effective, microprocessor-based solar tracking controller suitable for dual-axis or single-axis tracking applications. 

It is a network-ready controller, and may be configured to operate as a single tracker application or be part of a larger commercial multi-tracker solar array. 


  • Remote & Local Monitoring via Internet; also Android or iOS apps available (optional)
  • Calculates Solar Position using NREL’s published solar position algorithm
  • Each TCX2 Controller can operate up to two trackers, either single or dual-axis
  • Dual H-bridge PWM DC motor drivers with integrated motor current sensing and soft motor-start and stop
  • Dual-encoder inputs for each actuator
  • External limit switch Inputs
  • Integrated support for anemometer
  • Input for emergency stop
  • Input for irradiance measurement (option)
  • Input for AC-power-loss (option)
  • Input for energy meter pulse (option)
  • Input for external Clean/Normal\Storm mode switch
  • RS-485 interface with 2.5KV galvanic isolation
  • Ethernet 10/100-base-T interface with 1.5KV galvanic isolation
  • GPS receiver interface (option)
  • Input for external inclinometer (option)
  • Real-Time-Clock with battery backup
  • 10A fused motor power with electronic short-circuit protection
  • 24 VDC systems for motor and controls, with wide input supply voltage range (6-40 VDC)
  • Push buttons for Service Mode, Reset, Calibration, Stop Override, and motor controls
  • 31 Diagnostic LED’s for anything from power, through system diagnostic, to encoder input status
  • Enhanced security features that does not require a fixed IP address to communicate with the system

Click here for full Controller Specifications Sheet