Maximizing Solar Yield

The Ontrack DXT1 Dual-Axis Tracker offers up to 45% more power yielded than that of standard fixed-mounted PV systems.  This is accomplished by optimally positioning the solar array to follow the sun on two axes (vertical and horizontal) making each PV panel in the array generate more output, unlike fixed-mounted PV systems.  

Because the DXT1 tracking system is more efficient and better balanced, fewer panels, less racking and other components are needed compared to fixed-mounted PV (and most dual-axis) systems on the market today. 

The DXT1 system can also reduce project upfront costs by offsetting the additional cost of tracking hardware.  This reduces the project’s payback time thereby increasing the overall return on investment (ROI), depending on the financial specifics of the project.  

Therefore, the DXT1 harvests maximum clean energy in a smart and cost-efficient way while better utilizing our land.

If you would like to discuss your project and the potential energy savings and maximizing of resources, please contact us.
This chart illustrates actual data from our prototype trackers located near Dallas, Texas in January. Summer efficiency will be even greater.  Variables impacting power yields include location, weather, elevation and time of year.